Top 5 Exercise Excuses Busted

Exercise excuses busted

If you’re like the majority of gym rats, there’s probably been a few times when you’ve planned a workout but somehow never got around to it. In some cases it’s been easier to ‘excuse’ yourself with some sense of reasoning rather than sucking it up & training or better yet being honest with yourself. Here are some of the top excuses people like to use to avoid a workout and how to remedy them. Have you used any of these to avoid working out?

#1 “I Don’t Have Enough Time.”Exercise excuses busted

Probably the most common excuse the world over, time seems to be as rare as four leafed clovers. Now a bit of brute honesty… How much time do you spend on social media or the internet? How much time do you spend watching T.V? The reality of it is not if there is enough time, but more so have you allocated time to working out.

REMEDY: Have a workout plan and stick to it. Schedule your workouts at the same time of the day/week to make it a part of your routine and lifestyle.

#2 “I’m Too Tired”

Exercise promotes blood flow and increases hormone production. Adrenalin is produced during exercise, providing you with more energy. The post exercise endorphin release also provides a boost of energy as you ride that ‘feeling good’ vibe that exercise produces.

REMEDY: Get your butt to the gym! Most likely than not, it’s getting to the gym that’s the hardest. Once you’re there, the sight of seeing other people exercising can be quite motivating in itself. Just get to the gym and do whatever you can for that day. A little exercise is better than none.

#3 “Exercise is Boring”

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. Too many people have the common misconception that exercising is only done in gyms. WRONG! Any activity which is physical in nature can be classified as exercise. Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean slugging it away on the treadmill or grunting it out in the weights area. REMEDY: Find an activity that you find fun and schedule it into your day/week so it become part of your routine and lifestyle. Some activities to consider:

  • Ice skating
  • Surfing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Salsa dancing – or any style of dancing
  • Join a local sports team
  • Round up a group of friends and join a local social sporting competition e.g indoor soccer, indoor cricket, basketball, touch football or oz tag

#4 “I’m not seeing any progress”

The most common reason as to why people give up on a workout plan/routine is the slow rate of progress. What many people to forget is the unaesthetic benefits that exercise offers such as:Exercise excuses busted

  • Improvement of overall health – Reduction in blood pressure, reduction in cholesterol levels, improved quality of sleep and increased energy, just to name a few
  • Increased brain function and improved focus
  • Prevents/decreases chances of diseases
  • Improvement in confidence
  • General improvement of emotional well being

REMEDY: BE REALISTIC! Physical changes can take up to at least 4 to 12 weeks to notice. To undo a lifetime of bad habits in a week or two is unrealistic. It took years for you to create your current body, it will take at least a few months to change it.

#5 “I’ve Already Tried Many Times Before and I Didn’t Get Anywhere”

This statement is probably the most detrimental to any health and fitness goal. You’re sub consciously giving up before you even start. It’s kind of like you’re accepting failure and you’re not to bothered with it.

REMEDY: “A good scientist never performs the same failed experiment twice.” Some much needed self reflection is in order. Ask yourself why you think you failed in past attempts to health and fitness success and try to find solutions to your pitfalls. Most people fail due to:

  • Unrealistic goals
  • Unrealistic training regiments
  • Unrealistic meal plans

Set yourself realistic goals and meal plans that can easily be adapted to your current lifestyle habits. Set yourself small changes each week/fortnight such as, just making sure to eat breakfast. Once you feel comfortable with your small changes make more. Take your time into transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. One healthy meal won’t make you skinny, just as one bad meal won’t make you fat!


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Be honest with yourself when trying to achieve health and fitness success.

  • MAKE the time and be organised
  • Find your ‘fitness’ – something that you enjoy to do that is of a physical nature
  • Set realistic achievable goals and celebrate the small victories
  • Try something new


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