The Weight Loss Lie

The weight loss lie - Fat vs Muscle - help scales

For many years we have been sold a lie.

Through infomercials and weight loss gimmicks we have been told that we should focus on losing weight for better health and physique.

What if you were told that weight has absolutely nothing to do with health and physique? What if you were told the heavier you are the better it may be for your health?


Question: Which of the three do you think is the heaviest?


The weight loss lie - Fat vs Muscle


Total weight has no bearing  on dress size, pants size or physique at all. ‘Total’ being the key term.

Bodyweight is determined on a variety of factors. These factors include:

  • Fat mass
  • Muscle mass
  • Bone density
  • Hydration level
  • Food level
  • Waste level
  • Hair e.t.c

As you can see there is a vast array of contributing factors that determine overall weight.

What determines physique solely comes down to muscle to fat ratio. Muscle to fat ratio ultimately determines dress size, pants size and overall girth.

So to answer the above question…. The heaviest is ‘C’

The weight loss lie - muscle vs fat - physique comparison

The answer may have shocked you. But how is this possible!? ‘A’ is definitely the biggest.

Muscle vs Fat

muscle vs fat

            1kg of Fat vs 1kg of Muscle

Muscle is three times more dense than fat. This is due to muscle being a moving fibre that flexes and contracts. It is a working fibre in the body.

Fat on the other hand, is an extra means of fuel for the body. It is NOT a working fibre. Think of fat as the body’s pantry. It is a means of survival to provide the body with energy when food is scarce.

Muscle being more dense means that it occupies less volume than fat.

It’s like comparing a bowling ball to a beach ball. The beach ball is bigger but is filled with air. The bowling ball is smaller but is made up of a more dense compound. Which of the two is heavier but takes up less space? The bowling ball!

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The Truth About Weight LossThe weight loss lie - Fat vs Muscle - muscle loss

We have been (mis)led to believe that weight correlates with physique.

Through social conditioning and outdated body composition measurements such as B.M.I, we have been led to believe that a higher overall weight equates to a bigger frame. This is the lie!

Most people lose weight through a radical reduction in caloric intake through the restriction of food. Doesn’t that force the body to burn fat? The short answer…. NO!

Glucose generated through food is the body’s primary source of fuel.

When glucose levels are extremely low for lengthy periods of time, the body will begin to breakdown muscle to supply glycogen to the nervous system for brain function. This then creates a reduction in overall weight through muscle loss not fat loss.

“But I’ve lost weight isn’t that a good thing?”

The problem with this is the dramatic drop in resting metabolism. Muscle mass determines metabolic rate. The more muscle you have, the quicker your metabolism. Less muscle equals a slower metabolism. If your fat ratio is higher than muscle, metabolic rate is extremely slow.

The Metabolic Trap

With the reduction in weight through muscle loss, so too does your metabolic rate.

More likely than not, this so called weight loss is through radical dieting for a lengthy period of time. Once normal eating resumes after radical dieting, metabolic rate struggles to deal with the extra calories being ingested.

Due to the slower ability to metabolise foods, fat is then stored.

The yo-yo dieting begins…

Burn Fat NOT Muscle

The solution to long term results is to burn fat not muscle.

Burning fat and maintaining, or even increasing muscle mass through adequate nutrition and exercise is the only way to generate lifelong results. Metabolism is the key!

Unfortunately there is no one size fits all solution. Every body is different. Everybody leads different lifestyles.

Click the image below for our nutrition and training guide for different body types.

How to eat and exercise for your body typeSummary

  • Weight has no bearing on physique
  • Focus on fat loss not weight loss
  • Monitor progress through clothing size as opposed to weight
  • Increase muscle mass and therefore metabolic rate for long term results

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