The Body Transformation Commandments

The idea of a body transformation holds the same feelings as winning the lottery. Whilst the possibility is there, the idea of it actually happening can often seem far fetched and somewhat impossible.

Now, we’re not talking about putting a hex on carbohydrates for a temporary, diet induced transformation; we’re talking about a lifelong transformation where results are permanent. Thankfully for us, the successfulness of transforming your physique isn’t exactly rocket science. Here are 5 of our tips to get you on your way from scrawny to athletic in 10 to 12 weeks.

Body Transformation Tip #1 –  HAVE A GOALBody Transformation Commandments

Seems pretty obvious, but you need a clear cut, distinct goal to to aspire towards. You wouldn’t jump into your car and drive around willy nilly with no set destination would you? Goal setting is important. Not only does it allow for you to assess your progression but it also allows for you to measure the success of your approach to achieving your goal.

A goal should be:

  • Realistic – Achievable yet challenging enough to bring you outside of your comfort zone
  • Measurable – You must be able to assess your progression. Being awesome isn’t a measurable goal. How awesome?
  • Have a deadline – A goal without a deadline is just a wish. Wishing gets you nowhere, working does! Please also refer to the first point when defining a deadline. As much as we’d like to bathe in the glory of achievement tomorrow, the lesser the time the stricter the plan.

Body Transformation Tip #2 – HAVE A PLAN

Your plan of attack is strictly based around your goal and how you would achieve it. Your plan must consist of your training frequency, duration and type, as well as calorie controlled, macro nutrient packed meal plans.

Frequency – The amount of times you can dedicate to exercise per week. Ideally you should aim for at least 4 strength based sessions per week to initiate physical change.

Duration – The amount of time in minutes you can dedicate to exercise. This will also dictate the intensity levels of training required to achieve your goal.

Type – Type of exercise. i.e strength, mobility, endurance, cardio, circuits etc.

Meal Plans – Meal plans must be calorie controlled to regulate fat accumulation but also assist the body in building lean muscle mass. Wholesome, nutrient dense meals are a must. If your meals aren’t in check, exercise intensity and post exercise recovery is heavily compromised along with progression.

Body Transformation Tip #3 – “I CAME TO CONQUER”body transformation conquer

Thy gym is your surgeon and the plates are your scalpel. The only way to change your physique is to train the house down to give your body a reason to change. Simply put, mindset is everything. Without dedication, prospective achievement is minimised.

From a scientific stand point, muscle fibres need to be torn to rebuild muscle, boost metabolism and burn fat. Once micro tears within muscle fibers are achieved through weight training, torn muscle fibres start the recovery process of repairing by grabbing onto protein chains (amino acids) – this is where nutrition is key. You are literally attempting to break down muscle to rebuild yourself, but first you must break the muscle down!

Body Transformation Tip #4 – MIX IT UP

Body transformation progression relies heavily on adaptation. As your body adapts to exercise through increased fitness levels and strength, progression rate is slowed down. As a rule of thumb the bigger the struggle, the bigger the benefit.

Force adaptation through varied weight, rep ranges and training tools. Different stimulus on muscles improves adaptation rate. Mix it up with the use of machines, barbells, dumbells and body weight. Each stimulus carries it’s own positive affects on muscles.

Body Transformation Tip #5 – EARN YOUR CARBS

Once seen as the Darth Vader of the fitness industry, carbohydrates have unnecessarily been given a bad rap due to increasing fat stores. However, this is only applicable to overconsumption of carbohydrates without adequate physical activity.

Carbohydrates are essential to maintaining and building muscle. Manage your carb intake to before and after workouts and feed the muscle to burn fat!


To transform your body, you must be dedicated and committed. Getting to the gym is the easy part, staying motivated and eating in accordance to your goals is the hard part. Take it a day at a time and be realistic with your goals and celebrate your achievements along the way.

  • Set a realistic, achievable goal
  • Stay focused and stick to your plan
  • Keep a positive mindset
  • Have fun with your workouts and mix it up
  • Carbs are your friend. Use them wisely