The Benefits of Kickboxing for Fitness

Benefits of kickboxing for fitness

Kickboxing classes are a fun way to shed those unwanted kilos. Kickboxing offers a plethora of strikes to burn energy from your traditional punches of jabs, cross, and uppercuts; but also involves the increased high intensity strikes of elbows, knees, snap kicks and round house kicks.

Increased coordination

Due to the nature of kickboxing and the involvement of the entire body, kickboxing helps to improve overall motor skills. The balance and coordination required to perform such movements in kickboxing also improves reflexes and circulation.

Kickboxing for improved fitness, strength and weight loss

Traditionally seen as a combat sport, the art of mastering the 8 limbs really gets the heart pumping and in turn, benefits the participant with the increased caloric expenditure these strikes have to offer. Whilst learning these advanced strikes may appear daunting at first, once it becomes second nature there is no limit to how many calories are burnt during a kickboxing session. This is where kickboxing classes surpass your traditional boxing class, as kickboxing involves more of the body. The more muscles used during a workout, the greater the potential for burning calories. Being an impact cardiovascular activity, kickboxing also improves strength.Benefits of kickboxing for fitness

Self Defence

Unfortunately we don’t live in the ideal world of rainbows and butterflies and under the proper supervision of a certified professional teaching proper technique, you will also learn how to defend yourself if the situation ever presents itself. This alone will give you more confidence when having to navigate through a dark alley.

Relieve stress

Who doesn’t like to punch and kick something after a stressful day?! A high intensity kickboxing class releases endorphins such as seratonin (the happy hormone) in the body and in turn lowers stress hormones such as cortisol promoting overall wellness. The reduction of cortisol also improves your body’s ability to burn fat as scientific studies have proven that higher levels of cortisol hinder the body’s fat burning ability.

Kickboxing is highly recommended to those looking for a new challenge or wanting to supplement their current training regime. If you’d like to give kickboxing a go, contact us for a free trial by clicking the link below.