The 3 Keys to Fitness Motivation

Fitness motivation

Keeping intrinsically motivated is the deciding factor between fitness success or fitness failure. Nothing is more motivating than seeing your health and fitness efforts pay off, but how do you keep yourself motivated and on track to actually reach that point? Here are three key tips to fitness motivation to keep you on track:

Fitness Motivation Tip 1: Stay Positive

Your mindset can either make or break you before you even step into the gym. If you’ve tried and failed before and are trying again yet deep down you expect the same outcome, you’ve already lost. The difference between a positive mindset and a negative one is the actions you take and the thought processes that occur in achieving your health and fitness goals. Positive thinking leads to positive actions.

Fitness motivation - positive thinking

Lets take the following scenario for example: say you are at a friend’s place or a gathering and the only snack foods available are party pies, sausage rolls and chips. The negative mindset will say, “Oh well…” and will happily gorge on the foods available, as deep down they think their prospective achievements are impossible. However, a positive mindset will say “Oh well, I’ll have a bit here and there and make sure I eat well tomorrow.” Remember, it’s all about moderation and as long as you stick to the 80/20 rule on most days you’ll still be on your way to fitness greatness.

Fitness Motivation Tip 2: Be Accountable

Accountability is one of your greatest weapons in conquering your health and fitness goals and can come in many forms. Holding yourself accountable to your health and fitness goals can be as simple as:

  • Having a gym buddy A gym buddy is great for staying motivated as you both feed off each others’ efforts. When one doesn’t feel up to working out the other can give them the ‘kick up the bum’ the other needs and vice versa. Same goes for eating the right foods.
  • Posting to social media Post everything from foods that you eat to gym selfies. When you tell the world that you’re embarking on a health and fitness goal the sense of failing in the public eye can be very motivating. Nobody likes to fail. You could also be motivating someone else on their health and fitness journey!
  • Hiring a personal trainerHaving the right personal trainer can really fast track your results. Think of a personal trainer as an expert gym buddy. Not only will you be kept motivated from goal orientated workouts but a great trainer will also keep your workouts interesting and fun.

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Fitness Motivation Tip 3: Reward Yourself

It’s important to celebrate the small victories along the way. Set yourself realistic benchmarks and reward yourself once you complete them. For example, a short term benchmark could be completing three workouts per week for a month. Your reward for completing such a goal, could be treating yourself at your favourite restaurant and not worrying about macros or calories. A long term goal could be purchasing a new outfit once you lose a dress size or pants size. Keep the rewards realistic to the goals achieved.

Intrinsic motivation is inextricably linked to fitness goals and successes, it is imperative to have a positive approach to one’s training and a determined, yet resilient mindset. With this achieved, all other facets of training will collaborate and you are well on your way to accomplishing your health and fitness milestones. Keep on lifting and stay motivated!