The 155 Workout

155 workout cover

The 155 workout is designed specifically to induce a metabolic spike post workout. This keeps fat metabolism at a heightened state for hours afterwards through EPOC – excess post-exercise oxygen consumption or also known as the afterburn affect. This EPOC response stimulated through exercise intensity assists in the efficiency of fat metabolism.

Pro Tip: If currently training on a split exercise program perform this workout as an end of week finisher for a total body shock. Increase or decrease weight in accordance to lifting ability. The heavier the weight the greater the EPOC response.

The 155

150 reps with approximately 5 mins of total cardio.

Aim to complete 5 rounds of the following sets as fast as possible. Record time and aim to improve with each attempt:

10 x Squats @ 60% of bodyweight

10 x Barbell bent over row @ 50% of bodyweight

10 x Bench Press @ 40% bodyweight

250m on Rower @ level 10 – Aim to complete within 1min


< 30 mins – Fair

< 25 mins – Good

< 20 mins – Excellent

< 15 mins – Superhero


Squats155 workout - squats

  • Stand with feet hip width apart
  • Brace abdominals by contracting belly button in towards spine to protect lower back
  • Lead with hips and push weight back onto heels descending all the way down – butt to calves
  • Push through heels and ascend back to starting position. Make sure to extend through the hip for maximal glute contraction at the top of the rep

Barbell Bent Over Row155 workout - bent over row

  • Stand with hip width apart whilst holding barbell
  • Push back through the hip whilst keeping shoulders back – chest out to maintain a straight back. Bar should be inline with knees when arms are in full extension
  • Begin rep by pulling from the elbows keeping elbows as close as possible to body for maximal rhomboid contraction

Pro Tip: Vary hand grip, arm span, and lean angle to contract different muscle fibres

Barbell Bench Press155 workout - bench press


  • Lay on bench with eyes inline with the bar to avoid rack interference
  • Unrack bar and hover above chest
  • Descend bar towards the bottom of the chest to minimise upper trap and anterior deltoid activation
  • Ascend bar back to starting position without locking out at the elbows

Pro Tip: Vary arm span to contract different muscle fibres

Rower155 workout - rowing machine

  • Push through the legs whilst keeping arms extended
  • Once legs are extended continue row through the arms by pulling handle towards belly button/hip to minimise upper trap contraction
  • Return arms to extended position and bend at the knees back to starting position
  • Breath in on the inwards phase and out on the outwards phase of each rep

Pro Tip: Add backwards lean whilst extending through the legs before elbow flexion to maximise row length and metres per rep

Images courtesy of fitstream & shape