5 star Personal Training – What to expect from a quality PT service

Thought about enlisting a personal trainer to help you on your health and fitness journey? Not sure whether you are getting value for money from your personal trainer? Had a personal trainer or currently have a personal trainer and not happy with your results? This article outlines what you should expect from a quality personal training service.

Exercise safety

Any reputable personal training service must and will screen your past and current health status before any training ensues. This can be in the form of a discussion with your personal trainer or a more in depth analysis through a health screening form. The most common being an ‘exercise safety questionnaire’, or a ‘pre activity questionnaire’.

By screening potential clients, this helps a personal training professional understand your current health status and allows for a safe exercise program whilst reducing the risk of injury. Let’s face it, you need to keep moving to reach your health and fitness goals and a true personal training professional should help you improve your biomechanics not hinder them. A personal training professional equipped with the right credentials will be able to tailor a safe, goal specific exercise program to your needs and should assist in the improvement and overall health of their clients.

Is your training personal?

Personal training sessions should be tailor made to suit individual needs. Every body is unique in their own way and everyone has different tastes when it comes to physical activity. For example, some people were born to run, whereas others cringe at the thought of it.

If you are the latter (like many people I have come across in my experience), your personal trainer should be able to implement a training program without running. One of a trainer’s main focuses should be to keep you motivated through your training. If the thought of running makes your stomach turn there are many other forms of physical activity to get you to your health and fitness goals. This is where the creativity of personal trainer shines and the value of a trainer is measured. Personal training sessions should be goal orientated and challenging yet fun.

Remember, you are the V.I.P in your personal training session, so the session should be catered to you. There should never be a ‘one size fits all’ personal training program.

Fitness testing

The proof is in the pudding! or lack thereof. The only way to assess the success of your personal training program is to measure your results. Body composition testing is a cornerstone of any professional personal training service. Fitness testing allows you, the client, to admire the results you have accomplished, or for your personal trainer to tweak your training program so that it does become a success.

Fitness testing may include measurements of the following:

  • Blood pressure
  • Resting heart rate
  • Body fat
  • Visceral fat
  • Muscle mass
  • Hydration
  • Bone density/mass
  • Basal metabolic rate: resting metabolism
  • Metabolic age
  • Girth measurements: measurement of particular sites of the body with a tape measure e.g waistline

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