When Does Training Become Easier? – The Hard Cold Truth

One of the most popular questions we get asked from clients that are just starting out on a exercise regime is, “When does it get easier?” The truth is it doesn’t, or at least it shouldn’t.

The Hard Start

When you first embark on your journey to a healthier version of yourself the first steps are always the hardest. Like a baby giraffe you stumble around the gym and onto certain machines; not really knowing what you’re doing and trying to find your feet. You start to exercise and realise “damn, this is hard work”. As the weeks pass you start to feel more comfortable in the workout arena and that little baby giraffe is suddenly strutting it’s stuff around the gym, gaining more confidence as the weight that was once extremely hard to shift, now feels a lot easier, and the setting on the treadmill that used to leave you gasping for air is now a whistle in the park. This is your body adapting to exercise.

Increases in Training = Increased Progression11081752956_bc2d35822a_b

As your body adapts to your training parameters you start to get a fitter and stronger. What was once excruciating is now quite easy. The reason it has become easier is because you have become fitter and stronger than what you once were.

In order to improve your fitness or strength, your training must improve. There is a direct correlation between the increases in training and your results.

What to Do

Never be afraid to push your limits. There is no ‘wrong’ (except for technique which will increase the risk of injury) in attempting an exercise with heavier weight or trying a new exercise altogether. New forces applied onto muscle through weight, angle or apparatus will inspire new growth in muscle and may also challenge you differently on a cardiovascular level, leading to better progression.


So, when does training become easier? NEVER! Unless you are happy with the results you have generated you should always be looking at increasing your training parameters. Push your limits! They’re meant to be broken.

Next time you’re in the gym, go that one plate heavier and incline that treadmill a little bit more. The worst that can happen is that you have to go back to the settings you were using before. It should never become easier, you’re just getting better!