Group Personal Training – The Benefits of Being a Groupie


Group training is fast becoming the newest (re)trend in the fitness industry. Whilst the concept has been around for decades, group training has evolved from the ‘lets get physical’ days of Olivia Newton-John. The aerobics days of spandex, leotards and knee high socks has morphed into burpees, kettlebells and truck tyres. Group training is one thing, but Group Personal Training is whole other kettle of fish. If you’re lacking a bit of motivation, need a new workout routine or just looking for a new challenge, Group Personal Training may be just what you’re looking for. Here’s just some of the hidden benefits Group Personal Training has to offer.

Personalised Instruction from a Fitness Professional

In my opinion the main difference between Group Training and Group Personal Training is the number of participants. Group Training classes can cater for an unlimited number of people (depending on number of trainers supervising the class to ensure exercise safety), whereas Group Personal Training should cater to no more than 4 people. This ensures that each participants get the necessary supervision and instruction that you would expect from a ‘personal’ training session.

Training under expert supervision has many benefits and may include:

  • Goal oriented workout routines that make the most out of your allocated training time
  • Assurance that exercises are performed correctly and safely
  • Progressive exercise techniques which provide variety to your workouts defeating boredom

Make New Fitness Friends

There’s an old saying that goes, “If you lay down with dogs you’ll get up with fleas”. Now, I’m not saying if you make friends with people rocking solid six packs that you’ll end up with one yourself but in a sense you’ll be well on your way to it. The people that surround you shape the person that you are. Not only is it an enjoyable experience making new acquaintances, but the fact that they have a similar interest will help to keep you on track towards your health and fitness goals. Accountability is also another benefit of making new fitness friends as your new workout buddy will make sure you get to your training sessions.There’s nothing more motivating than sweating it out with like minded people with similar fitness aspirations. Especially, if there’s a coffee or a healthy lunch at nearby cafe’ with a friend at the end of it.


Training in a group setting has been proven to be more motivating than training alone. In times when you doubt your ability, a brief look around the room in a Group Personal Training session will activate beast mode quicker than when someone steals your lunch. There’s something motivating when you take a look around a room and see a room full of people sweating it out and on the same part of ‘struggle street’ as what you are.

Banish Boredom

A great Group Personal Trainer will provide a different workout routine each session and will cater not only towards your goals, but also your training preferences. the variety of workouts will keep you motivated through fun training routines. Yes, fun. You may not believe it or think it now but exercise should be fun and before you know it, you’ll become the next gym junky thanks to fun, efficient workouts where you’ll literally see the physical changes to your body.


Improve Overall Health, Mobility & Posture

Group Personal Training sessions should (yes, SHOULD) be equipment free (unless you’re working with an injury and are in the early stages of rehab). This is just another one of my opinions from my experience of 10 years as a Master Trainer, but I don’t see the value in a ‘trainer’ if they are just going to push buttons or shift a pin up and down on a weight stack. Group Personal Training sessions should involve multidimensional, functional movements. The way your body was designed to move about.

Most Group Personal Training sessions are total body workouts designed to maximise caloric output and muscular growth/activation (unless sessions are part of a training program with a specific focus i.e endurance, speed, balance etc) which therefore help to rectify any muscular imbalances and therefore postural issues allowing for greater performance potential. This leads to a greater output through training which then leads to faster results!

Cost Effective

Generally group personal training is cheaper than its ‘one on one’ counterpart, mostly due to the number of participants involved in the session. As there are more people involved in a group personal training session the cost is split between the participants involved. 


Group Personal Training has many benefits. If you’ve been kicking the tyres about personal training ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I need motivation?
  • Have I hit a progression/training plateau? (results aren’t being generated)
  • Do I need a new challenge?

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