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Rip 60 - benefits

Gimmicks are fast becoming the norm in the fitness industry. It almost seems that every month there is a ‘new’ diet fad or a ‘new’ piece of equipment that will help you ‘lose weight faster’ with ‘less hassle’. Very rarely do we see a product that actually lives up to its hype, and here is one that actually does… The Rip 60 Suspension System.RIP 60 - BENEFITS

The Rip 60 Suspension Trainer is a versatile and mobile piece of equipment. Endorsed by America’s Biggest Loser Trainer Jillian Michaels and UFC Fighter Georges St Pierre, after a few workouts there is no secret as to why these two major celebrities in their respective fields would want to attach their name to the ever so popular functional training device. Here are just some of the benefits a Rip 60 workout has to offer:

Burn Fat and Increase Muscle in Less Time

The Rip 60 allows for quick, calorie torching workouts as high intensity cardiovascular exercises and strength exercises can easily be included in a 15 to 30 minute training session. Allowing for maximal caloric output with each session, thus burning fat faster whilst increasing muscle mass.

Users utilise their own body weight for resistance. Instead of having to change weights on bars or change dumbbells for a greater or lesser challenge, a simple change in exercise angle manipulates the amount of force applied to targeted muscle. Less time prepping, more time exercising.

RIP 60 - BENEFITSCross Training

One of the major benefits of Rip 60 training is the cross training ability to mix in strength and cardiovascular drills into the one exercise, maximising heart rate whilst increasing strength. The benefit of this is the ability to burn fat whilst  increasing muscle mass and in turn creating a higher RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) allowing for a greater caloric loss not only during exercise, but at total rest as well.

Check out a snippet of Jillian Michaels’ Rip 60 Fat Burn Workout below to get a taste of the strength and cardio ‘blends’ in action. Creativity is your only limit.  

 Exercise Variation

Exercise variation is a cornerstone to any successful training program. It provides variety with training to keep things interesting and also allows for faster results as you are constantly challenging your body in different ways. As you first start exercising, everything is challenging and recovery takes a while. As you start to develop fitness and strength, what was once quite difficult starts to become a little easier (due to your newfound fitness and strength) and in turn your progression slows down if you don’t increase or change your training parameters. The changes of movement patterns keeps your body guessing, never allowing your body to properly adapt to your training and thus avoiding training/progression plateaus. Watch the video below for a snippet of how Georges St Pierre utilises the Rip 60 as a part of his strength and conditioning for his fight preparation. As you will see, Jillian and Georges use of the Rip 60 is vastly different.

RIp 60 Benefits

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These are only just some of the benefits a Rip 60 workout has to offer among many others. If I was to list them all this article could go on forever. Rip 60 workouts:

  • Is for both beginners and advanced fitness/coordination levels
  • Burns fat and builds muscle in less time
  • Allows for interesting ‘outside of the norm’ exercises
  • Are challenging yet fun

If you haven’t tried a Rip 60 class, i urge you to try one in your local area. It’s best to start using the Rip 60 under professional guidance before flying solo. Like any form of resistance training you are at risk of injury without proper use, so professional guidance is highly recommended.