Fat Loss Meal Prep Made Easy

Fitness Meal Prep Made Easy

Fitness meal prep can be the difference between accomplishing health and fitness goals and failing miserably. With the abundance and ease of ready to go junk foods available; it’s easy to fall victim to those devilish, taste bud tantalisers that can bring all your hard work and efforts unstuck.

What is Fitness Meal Prep?

‘Meal prep’ or meal preparation is the preparation of meals ahead of time for later consumption. Some benefits of meal preparation include:

  • Saving time and money
  • Helps avoid unhealthy meal choices
  • Increases the likelihood of achieving health and fitness goals

Maintain your course to health and fitness success by being equipped with healthy, on-the-go meals that will nourish your body whilst being kind to your waistline. Use some of our tips for fitness meal prep and start making great tasting, ready to go meals that will boost your chances of health and fitness success.

Set Aside Fitness Meal Prep TimeFitness Meal Prep Made Easy - Plan ahead

Planning is essential in establishing your meal prep. “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. As extreme as this may sound, planning ahead and dedicating time to meal prep really will decipher against those who will maintain these new healthy lifestyle adaptations, compared to others who fall off the wagon time and time again. Counteract meal prep mishaps by writing up a meal plan that’s realistic to both your lifestyle and goals. A shopping list will ensure that each item going into your trolley is accounted for in your meal plan making it more manageable. This will make your trip to the grocery store that much easier and not to mention faster! 

Love a Special

Nothing beats a bargain. Not only is purchasing ‘special’ items beneficial financially, it also provides variety in meals and inspires creativity in the kitchen.  Keeping our body nourished may sometimes contradict our taste buds (The sight of Kale doesn’t really salivate the mouth now does it?), and yet diversity is one of the best ways to maintain healthy eating. Don’t be scared to experiment, you’ll be amazed at what your culinary skills can transpire. Buying in bulk is another effective way to cut cost and reduce time spent making continuous trips back and forth to the supermarket. Meal prep is circulated around this idea of organisation and getting more bang for your buck. Map out the foods you need in accordance to your meal plan and see if they coincide with your supermarkets special items. Purchasing ‘special’ items in bulk with stretch the value of your dollar and assist in time management. Better yet, challenge yourself into creating healthy meals with what is on special in your supermarket. Read our article ‘5 Shopping Tips To Healthy Eating’ and discover how to shop for your health and fitness needs. The Fitness Meal Prep ContainerFitness Meal Prep Made Easy - Container When it comes to nutrition, we tend to overcomplicate things. ‘The KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid’ method works best.

Aim for 1 x protein source, 1-2 x fibrous carbohydrate, 1 x starchy carbohydrate

Read our article ‘The Fat Loss Plate’ for more in depth information on macronutrient ratios for fat loss and meal ideas. Please note: Macronutrient ratios and caloric amounts will vary from person to person.

Basic Daily Meal Plan

The following meal plan is for demonstration purposes only. Dietary meal plans vary from person to person depending on goals, taste and overall lifestyle. Breakfast – Meat & Nuts Morning Snack – Greek yoghurt with berries, cinnamon & honey Lunch – Meal prep container following ‘fat loss plate’ guidelines Afternoon Snack – Apple & handful of almonds Dinner – Meal prep container following the ‘fat loss plate’ guidelines


Meal prep has the potential to not only assist you in achieving your health and fitness goals, but it promotes organisation across all facets of your life. When we are not spending hours in the kitchen preparing the food, we are making those monotonous trips to the supermarket, and not to mention the indecisive stressors of that dreaded question we ask… “what’s for dinner?”. Implementing these adaptations into one’s lifestyle is an assertive way to change and assist in our health and fitness journey and make more time for other things that matter to us.


  • Plan your meals 
  • Be creative when compiling your shopping list
  • Buy in bulk to get more value for money
  • Don’t over complicate things- KISS method always works!