The Fat Burn 5 – 5 of the Best Exercises to Burn Fat

Fat Burn 5 - 5 Exercises to burn fat faster

Time is of the essence! With the busy lifestyles many of us lead, it can be hard to find time to even get to the gym. Make the very best of your limited gym time by incorporating these fat burning exercises and get the most out of your workouts. Here’s our list of the best exercises to burn fat:

#1 Burpees

The godfather of all fat burn exercises, no respectable ‘fat burn exercises’ list would be complete without this total body powerhouse. Burpees involve the whole body in one heart pumping rep, causing a large demand of blood flow throughout the entire body. The fact that you don’t need any equipment is why this is numero uno on our list.

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#2 Clean and Press

The closest runner to burpees is the clean and press. The dynamic movement pattern of the clean and press can be broken down into three foundation movements – Deadlift, Front Squat and Military Press. Save yourself the medical bills and do not attempt to clean and press until you have these 3 foundation movements down pat. Some may argue that a fourth movement is involved after the deadlift, being an upright row, but in actual fact the shoulders shouldn’t have much involvement at all as long as you initiate the lift by ‘exploding’ from the deadlift. If you are able to reverse curl the bar into the military press position, stop being a panzy and add more weight. The heavier the weight, the greater the caloric expenditure!

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#3 Thrusters

The baby brother of the clean and press, the Thruster is just a portion of the movement of its powerlifting counterpart. The thruster focuses on the front squat and military press, and is a great exercise to build up your confidence to clean and press effectively. Once again, a good understanding and confidence with your front squat will help you master this exercise more efficiently and reduce the risk of injury.

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#4 Push Press

If the Thruster is the younger brother to the Clean and Press, the Push Press is the younger brother to the Thruster. It’s just one big happy powerlifting family! The push press is a half squat into a military press. The key to all three exercises is to brace the core, drive through the heels and explode through the hips to fire those powerful glutes. Don’t forget to exhale on the lift to really brace the core and limit movement and involvement of the lower back.

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#5 Mountain Climbers

It was a tough choice on which would take the fifth position on our list between mountain climbers and jumping lunges. We went with mountain climbers due to the isometric involvement of the upper body. Don’t let these suckers fool you, they are sure to raise your heart rate and burn those quads!

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  • The more muscles utilised during a workout the greater the caloric expenditure
  • Strength based exercises burn more calories long term than cardio based exercises
  • The heavier the weight the more calories burnt
  • Master the foundation movements – squat, front squat, overhead press etc before attempting to link them together into one movement.

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