The 155 Workout

155 workout cover

The 155 workout is designed specifically to induce a metabolic spike post workout. This keeps fat metabolism at a heightened state for hours afterwards through EPOC – excess post-exercise oxygen consumption or also known as the afterburn affect. This EPOC response stimulated through exercise intensity assists in the efficiency of fat metabolism. Pro Tip: If currently training… Read more »

Build Muscle With Double Stimulation Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding - Double stimulation training - build muscle

The world of fitness is constant morphing. With new discoveries being made daily into human movement and responsiveness to exercise, nutrition and training ideas are constantly being questioned and put to the test. But how do you distinguish the fact from the fiction? Simple, try it for yourself! Double stimulation training, founded by Christian Thiabadeau,… Read more »

Bodyweight Workout – 5 mins Burpee Challenge

Bodyweight workout - Hematime Fitness 5 mins Burpee Challenge

A Burpee is a total body exercise that challenges muscular endurance, fitness and strength. Not only does it improve muscle tone, but requires no equipment which makes this total body, bodyweight workout so versatile, it can be performed anywhere. There’s no wonder why burpees are a staple to any respected Boot Camp class. How To… Read more »

3 Exercises To a Bulletproof Back

Reduce lower back pain

Lower back pain is fast becoming (if not already) one of the world’s biggest ailments. If you’ve had the exhilarating experience of lower back pain, you’ll know better than anyone else of how debilitating and frustrating it can be. In this article we look at the causes of lower back pain and how you can… Read more »

German Volume Training

German volume training - Hematime Fitness

Pack on lean muscle mass fast with German volume training. Often referred to as the 10 sets method, and originating from Germany, German volume training is regarded by many strength and conditioning coaches as the number one overloading technique to break through training plateaus and to build lean muscle mass quickly. Created in the mid… Read more »

30 Day Burpee Challenge

30 day burpee challenge

Looking for an equipment free workout you can do anywhere? Try this burpee challenge and improve your fitness and strength without the need of weights and the versatility of being able to workout anywhere! What is a Burpee? A burpee is a multidimensional exercise comprising of a drop, push up, tuck into a squat thrust… Read more »