Get Ripped With Rip60

Rip 60 - benefits

Gimmicks are fast becoming the norm in the fitness industry. It almost seems that every month there is a ‘new’ diet fad or a ‘new’ piece of equipment that will help you ‘lose weight faster’ with ‘less hassle’. Very rarely do we see a product that actually lives up to its hype, and here is… Read more »

The Benefits of Kickboxing for Fitness

Benefits of kickboxing for fitness

Kickboxing classes are a fun way to shed those unwanted kilos. Kickboxing offers a plethora of strikes to burn energy from your traditional punches of jabs, cross, and uppercuts; but also involves the increased high intensity strikes of elbows, knees, snap kicks and round house kicks. Increased coordination Due to the nature of kickboxing and… Read more »

The Bubble Butt Exercise Guide

Bubble Butt Exercise Guide to Bootiful Buns

Sculpting the ultimate booty is a common goal amongst many female gym goers, but how do you go about sculpting those bootiful buns? Before you go baking those buns of beauty you must first understand the ingredients needed for a recipe to success. In this article we break down the anatomy and best exercises to… Read more »