Top 5 Exercise Excuses Busted

Exercise excuses busted

If you’re like the majority of gym rats, there’s probably been a few times when you’ve planned a workout but somehow never got around to it. In some cases it’s been easier to ‘excuse’ yourself with some sense of reasoning rather than sucking it up & training or better yet being honest with yourself. Here… Read more »

Fitness Facts – Demolishing the Myths


In today’s world of information it’s very easy to be led astray with hearsay. With fitness myths running rampant around fitness circles, how do you separate the fact from fiction?  Let’s deconstruct some of the most common misconceptions circulating gym goers everywhere. Fitness Myth 1: Abdominal Exercises Create a Flat Stomach Fitness Fact:Abdominal exercises work… Read more »

The Benefits of Kickboxing for Fitness

Benefits of kickboxing for fitness

Kickboxing classes are a fun way to shed those unwanted kilos. Kickboxing offers a plethora of strikes to burn energy from your traditional punches of jabs, cross, and uppercuts; but also involves the increased high intensity strikes of elbows, knees, snap kicks and round house kicks. Increased coordination Due to the nature of kickboxing and… Read more »

The 3 Keys to Fitness Motivation

Fitness motivation

Keeping intrinsically motivated is the deciding factor between fitness success or fitness failure. Nothing is more motivating than seeing your health and fitness efforts pay off, but how do you keep yourself motivated and on track to actually reach that point? Here are three key tips to fitness motivation to keep you on track: Fitness Motivation Tip… Read more »