Fitness Facts – Demolishing the Myths


In today’s world of information it’s very easy to be led astray with hearsay. With fitness myths running rampant around fitness circles, how do you separate the fact from fiction?  Let’s deconstruct some of the most common misconceptions circulating gym goers everywhere. Fitness Myth 1: Abdominal Exercises Create a Flat Stomach Fitness Fact:Abdominal exercises work… Read more »

5 tips to detox after a long weekend

post long weekend detox

Long weekends are a time of celebration, calorie rich (but nutrient deficient) foods, and if you unleash the inner party animal, copious amounts of alcohol. With all this celebrating, the long weekend can leave you feeling a little worse for wear and all partied out. Here are 5 tips to detox after a long weekend… Read more »