The Weight Loss Lie

The weight loss lie - Fat vs Muscle - help scales

For many years we have been sold a lie. Through infomercials and weight loss gimmicks we have been told that we should focus on losing weight for better health and physique. What if you were told that weight has absolutely nothing to do with health and physique? What if you were told the heavier you are… Read more »

Machine Weights VS Free Weights

Machine vs free weights - cover

With the abundance of weights apparatus available it’s easy to be left scratching your head as to which is best for overall progression. In this article we explore the differences between machine and free weights, and their advantages and disadvantages. Machine Weights Machine weights are exercise machines that allow for weight bearing exercises. More commonly… Read more »

Paleo Diet For Beginners

There are many diets that claim to be the magic formula to good health, but there are very few to which this statement holds true. The Paleo Diet seems to be somewhat of a trend. The Paleo ‘Diet’ isn’t a diet. It’s more a way of life. So much so, that the paleo lifestyle has… Read more »

Struggle Your Way To Success

“What is the best exercise to burn fat?” – this is probably one of the most commonly asked questions many trainers hear throughout their professional careers. The answer? What exercise are you the worst at? We like to perform tasks that we excel in. The tasks that we struggle with, not so much. Whether it… Read more »

Bodyweight Workout – 5 mins Burpee Challenge

Bodyweight workout - Hematime Fitness 5 mins Burpee Challenge

A Burpee is a total body exercise that challenges muscular endurance, fitness and strength. Not only does it improve muscle tone, but requires no equipment which makes this total body, bodyweight workout so versatile, it can be performed anywhere. There’s no wonder why burpees are a staple to any respected Boot Camp class. How To… Read more »