The Bubble Butt Exercise Guide

Bubble Butt Exercise Guide to Bootiful Buns

Sculpting the ultimate booty is a common goal amongst many female gym goers, but how do you go about sculpting those bootiful buns? Before you go baking those buns of beauty you must first understand the ingredients needed for a recipe to success. In this article we break down the anatomy and best exercises to sculpt the ultimate bubble butt.

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Gluteal Maximus

The largest of the gluteal muscles and packs the most power. The gluteus maximus muscle makes up the majority of the gluteal group and is responsible for external rotation and extension of the hip.

Activate it: Bubble Butt Exercise Guide to Bootiful Buns - hip-extension

  1. Lie flat with your back on the floor with feet hip width apart and knees bent.
  2. Rest arms by your sides for balance.
  3. Pushing through the heels, thrust hips into air as high as possible. Focus on squeezing glutes to extend hip.
  4. Try for 20 reps, inhaling when returning hips to the floor and exhaling whilst extending hips into the air.

Bubble Butt Exercises: Squats, lunges, deadlifts and hip extension.


Situated higher on the hip bones to gluteus maximus and lying underneath its bigger counterpart, gluteus medius is responsible for ‘abduction’ (taking legs away from the midline of the body) and outward rotation of the thigh.

Activate it:Bubble Butt Exercise Guide to Bootiful Buns - Side kick / Dirty dog

  1. Facedown on all fours, position hands shoulder width and knees hip width apart. Think of a table and keep shoulders and hips square.
  2. Slowly bring one knee off of the floor whilst maintaining a straight back, keeping ‘table’ strong.
  3. Rotate leg bringing knee inline with bodyline whilst maintaining a 90 degree angle at the knee.
  4. Try for 20 reps before swapping sides.

Bubble Butt Exercises: Sumo squats, sumo deadlifts, side squats, dirty dog.


The smallest of the gluteal family, gluteus minimus also lies underneath gluteus maximus and is the outer most guteal muscle. Works in conjuction with gluteus medius in abduction and outward rotation of the thigh.

Activate it:Bubble Butt Exercise Guide to Bootiful Buns - Clamshell exercise

  1. Lie on side in fetal position with both feet and knees together. Place arm under your head for comfort and support.
  2. Keeping feet together, rotate above knee away from resting leg.
  3. Return to start position and try for 20 reps before switching sides.

Bubble Butt Exercises: Sumo squats, sumo deadlifts, banded standing crab walk, clam.

Bootiful buns ‘100’ workout:

Beginners Advanced
  • 20 Squats
  • 20 Lunges
  • 20 Hip extensions
  • 10 Clams each side
  • 10 Sideways plank each side
  • 20 Jump squats
  • 20 Jumping alternating lunges
  • 20 Side squats
  • 20 Weighted hip extension – Use a weight plate or barbell wrapped in towel for comfort across hips.
  • 20 Side squats

 Aim for 3 -5 rounds with 1-3 mins rest in between in each round dependant upon fitness level. For a real challenge perform these exercise for 3 rounds as fast as possible, resting only when needed.


 Beginner Booty Program  Advanced Booty Program

Exercise tips:

  • “Ass to grass” – Always work to full range of motion (R.O.M) when squatting. Lowering of the hips below the knee-line will stretch and flex the muscle to its full potential, allowing for a greater activation of muscle fibers.
  • Slightly turn your toes outward for a more balanced descent. Achieves a greater R.O.M especially if you suffer from poor ankle flexibility.
  • Push weight through the heels for balance. Also, allows for better activation of the posterior chain of muscles in the calf muscles, hamstrings and glutes.
  • ‘Thrust’ or extend hips at the top of the rep for maximal contraction.

Now that you understand the anatomical makeup of the gluteal family and their function, get the best out of your bubble butt workouts. For more information on the exercises in this article, leave a comment in the comments section or contact us via email.

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