Bodyweight Workout – 5 mins Burpee Challenge

Bodyweight workout - Hematime Fitness 5 mins Burpee Challenge

A Burpee is a total body exercise that challenges muscular endurance, fitness and strength. Not only does it improve muscle tone, but requires no equipment which makes this total body, bodyweight workout so versatile, it can be performed anywhere. There’s no wonder why burpees are a staple to any respected Boot Camp class.

How To Do A Burpee

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The Challenge

This burpee fitness challenge is a simple, yet effective, equipment free, bodyweight workout that is sure to test your fitness in less than 5 mins.

Warm Up

Light jogging on the spot for 30 secs followed by 10 body weight squats to full range if possible. Repeat 3 times.


Round 1 60 secs of Burpees / 60 secs rest

Round 2 45 secs of Burpees / 45 secs rest

Round 3 30 secs of Burpess / 30 secs rest

Round 4 15 secs of Burpees / 15 secs rest

Goal: Complete as many burpees as fast as possible with proper form for the allocated time and record the number of reps during rest intervals. Repeat this total body, bodyweight workout at least 3-4 times per week. Aim to complete more burpees per round/total with each workout. The more burpees you complete, the fitter you’re getting!

Track your workouts and monitor your results with our Fit in 5: Burpee Workout Sheet


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