5 Ways to Bust a Bloated Stomach

Is the girth around your belly really the cause of fat or is it simply  a bloated stomach?

If it’s the latter there’s some good news.

Belly bloat can often be a lot simpler to get rid of then burning the stubborn fat from around the midsection. In this article we explore the 5 main causes of a bloated stomach and what you can do to get rid of it for a trim torso.


Overeating places strain on the digestive system as it struggles to digest excessive amounts of food. The excess food that the body fails to digest turns into waste, and if this waste isn’t eliminated fast enough, it my rot, causing bad bacteria in the gut.

Bad bacteria then feeds on the ‘rotted’ food, creating bloat causing gases in the gut.

Fix: Eat to satisfy hunger pangs with nutrient enriched meals regularly throughout the day. The added nutrients switches off the hunger signal to the body sooner in the hopes of minimising overeating. Eating regularly (6-8) small meals minimises the strain on the digestive system. A diet rich in probiotic foods will also aid digestion. Eat until you’re satisfied NOT until you’re full!

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2. Not  Enough Water5 ways to bust a bloated stomach - Water

Water is essential to the body for the transportation of nutrients and removing toxins. When water becomes scarce, it causes bloat by retaining the water it does have in order to carry out these processes. This retention of water can be the cause of mutliple health problems which should be looked into.

Fix: Drink water regularly. Drinking a vast amount of water intermittently causes bloat. Don’t forget that water is also ingested from fruits and vegetables. Your body can only utilise a certain amount. Excessive amounts will only cause more trips to the bathroom.

3. A Processed Food Enriched Diet

Most if not all processed foods may be rich in salt and sugar. Whilst this may be great for the taste buds it isn’t as much for a flat mid section.

Salt causes water retention whilst sugars, (even fructose and sugar found in some beans) can be difficult to digest causing it to rot in the stomach releasing bloat causing gases (refer to first point).

Fix: Eat as much natural food sources as possible and be aware of the total consumption of fruits high in fructose. Moderation is the Key.

4. Hormonal Imbalance

Most common in premenopausal and premenstrual women when progesterone and estrogen levels are high. The elevation of these hormones causes water retention (refer to second point). During this period the removal of waste products also slows down causing excessive gas in the body.

Fix: A balanced nutrient enriched diet consisting of good fats and probitocs with a regularly exercise routine is the best natural remedy, however, medical assistance should be sought before undertaking a natural approach.

5. Bathroom Habits5 ways to bust a bloated stomach - bathroom habits

The slow removal of waste products or constipation can be one of the most contributing factors of a bloated stomach. Waste removal is an integral part of the digestive process.

When waste isn’t removed within adequate time, the gases released from waste accumulate, causing bloat.

Fix: A fibre enriched diet combined with adequate water consumption will aid in waste removal. Having a regular bathroom routine minimises acute bloating by removing waste and gas in a timely fashion.


Stomach bloat can be minimised through a well balanced, nutriently dense diet.

  1. Eat to satisfy your hunger not your taste buds
  2. Drink water regularly
  3. Minimise sugar and salt intake
  4. Eat foods rich in probitiocs e.g yoghurt, fermented vegestables such as pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi etc
  5. Eat plenty of fibre to keep regular