5 Shopping Tips To Healthy Eating


Nutrition plays a pivotal role in health and fitness success. With the abundance of nutritional resources available it’s easy to drown in the sea of misinformation.

Here are our top 5 shopping tips to healthy eating to assist in the transition to healthier food habits:

1) What Goes In Your Trolley Ends Up In Your Stomach5 tips to healthy eating - shopping trolley

Clean eating starts at the shopping centre. Be selective in what goes into your trolley as this is what ends up in your stomach. Compile a list of foods before setting foot into the supermarket and TRY not to deviate from your set list.

For a bit of extra activity, gather your food items in the order in which your list is compiled. A bit of incidental exercise never hurt anybody.

2) Never Grocery Shop On An Empty Stomach

Shopping in a state of absolute hunger is like sending an alcoholic into a bottle shop. DON’T do it! When hunger strikes, you’ll want to eat anything and everything. Do your grocery shopping whilst you’re hungry and you’ll shop that way. Hunger triggers cravings, leading to poor food choices.

Perform your grocery shopping at state of satiety (not hungry – satisfied but not overly full). You’ll make better food choices and will find it easier to buy foods in accordance to your list instead of clutching at blocks of chocolate because they’re on special.

3) Fitness Fanatics Shop ‘Round The Outside, ‘Round The Outside, ‘Round The Outside…5 Tips to Healthy Eating - Shop on the outside

Stay away from the middle aisles! Stick to the outside of the supermarket. The majority of your basket/trolley should comprise of fruits and vegetables, followed closely by sources of protein (chicken, beef, tuna e.t.c). If it’s made by mother nature, eat it.

The middle aisles of a supermarket is the kryptonite to your potentially superhuman physique. The shelves are jam packed with temptation, from chips to soda (otherwise known as fizzy drinks to us aussies), and everything else you used to sneak into the shopping trolley as a child when your mother wasn’t looking.

Remove the temptation and don’t venture into these aisles until your will is strong enough to casually stroll past them without being tempted.

4) Stay Organised

Set yourself a shopping day and make it a part of your weekly routine. One of the keys to eating a well balanced, wholesome diet is to have such foods on hand, ready for consumption. Failure to have such food items readily available will more than likely lead to an impromptu junk food run.

Being organised doesn’t necessarily mean dedicating yourself to a day of meal preparation to cook up your meals for the week (although this does help immensely). It can be as simple as cooking up a little extra at dinner to have a nutritious, ready-to-go lunch the next day.

Stock up on ‘pantry‘  style items like nuts, tuna, rice cakes and anything else that you enjoy that is quick and easy for those times when you can’t get away for lunch. Keep them nearby at work and snack on them when needed to keep you from going to the vending machine.

5) The 80/20 Ratio5 Tips to Healthy Eating - 80-20-food-rule

Once you’ve built up your tolerance to kryptonite (junk food middle aisles), it is now safe to venture into the middle of the supermarket and stare adversity in the face. Whilst these type of foods may slow your progress to your health and fitness goals, we need them.

It’s important to have these types of foods as part of your diet. Yes, having junk as a part of your diet is an integral part to maintaining healthy eating habits. These foods keep you sane on continuing your path to health and fitness success.

Aim to keep your shopping trolley/basket to a 80:20 ratio of wholesome nutritious food to junk. It’s all about moderation, but more importantly mindset. You have to be accepting of the casual treat every once in a while. Treat yourself from time to time to keep the longevity of healthy eating habits. Moderation is the key!


  • Shop in accordance to your health and fitness goals.
  • What you take home from the supermarket inevitably ends up in your stomach.
  • The foods that you stock into your pantry and refrigerator is a clear reflection on how you will progress to your health and fitness success.
  • Nourish yourself with an 80% ratio of wholesome foods to 20% junk food for the longevity of healthy eating habits.