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Boot Camp


Boot camp classes offer  60 mins of high intensity, fat demolishing, adrenaline packed exercises sure to test your fitness mettle.

Hematime Fitness boot camp classes utilise a plethora of functional movements from a variety of fitness disciplines; ranging from military based training, gymnastics, power lifting and more!

Great for increasing fitness and muscle mass, enlist today for as little as $25 per week for unlimited classes.

Benefits of Boot Camp with Hematime Fitness:

Torch calories

Hematime Fitness Boot Camp classes are guaranteed to turn your body into a caloric furnace. Our classes have been designed to torch calories with our short, high intensity drills. Our Boot Camp classes burn from 500-700 calories per session.

Weights & Cardio

The combination of weights and cardio exercises all encompassed into a 60 mins session has been scientifically proven to raise metabolism and burn fat more effectively then when training with cardio exercises alone.

Known as the ‘afterburn affect’ of EPOC, Boot Camp stimulates a greater caloric loss not only during the session but for hours post workout through the use of both high intensity cardio and strength exercises. Burn fat and tone muscle all in the one class!


Our Boot Camp classes are never the same! Sick of repeatedly doing the same training routine over and over again?

No two classes are ever the same at Hematime Fitness. Our trainers design our classes to be effective yet fun. From slugging away at truck tyres with sledge hammers to sandbag road runs, our endless variety with Boot Camps will keep things motivating and interesting. Alternating between indoor and outdoor Boot Camp sessions, no two sessions are ever the same.


Enlist today and take advantage of our unlimited class package including Boot Camp  classes for as little as $25 per week and let us worry about your results. Click the button below and claim your FREE trial. *conditions apply.

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