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How to Eat for Your Body Type and How You Should Exercise

How to eat and exercise for your body type

How to eat for your body type and the way you should exercise holds a major factor on fitness success. Genetics not only plays a major factor in determining your physique but also fat storage and fat loss capabilities. This is what gives us the variety of different shapes and sizes seen in people the… Read more »

How To Use Carbohydrates To Burn Fat

how to use carbohydrates to burn fat - fat loss formula

Carbohydrates aren’t as bad as what they’re made out to be. Over recent years, carbohydrates have been seen as the culprit to excessive fat storage, but is excessive fat really due to carbohydrate intake? If it is, is it best to cut carbs altogether? In this article we expose the truth on carbohydrates and how… Read more »

Banana Protein Pancakes

Banana protein pancakes

Making healthy food choices doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavour. This quick and easy banana protein pancakes recipe has many uses. Not only is it a great breakfast to start the day, the high protein content also helps to keep you fuller for longer and the quick release carbohydrates makes it ideal as a… Read more »

Machine Weights VS Free Weights

Machine vs free weights - cover

With the abundance of weights apparatus available it’s easy to be left scratching your head as to which is best for overall progression. In this article we explore the differences between machine and free weights, and their advantages and disadvantages. Machine Weights Machine weights are exercise machines that allow for weight bearing exercises. More commonly… Read more »

Cacao Cookies

cacao cookies

Try this quick and easy cacao cookie recipe for a guilt free sweet treat without the sugar. These low calorie bites of goodness serve well as a snack or as a post meal sweet treat. Ingredients 1 Banana 1/3 cup Cacao powder 1 tbsp Coconut oil 1 cup Almond meal – replace with coconut flour… Read more »