Build Muscle with Time Under Tension

Build Muscle with Time Under Tension

Time under tension is critical to muscular development. Do you lift quick or do you lift slow? What’s more beneficial for building muscle? The time under tension you place on your muscles during training has a profound affect on their growth. Time Under Tension Time under tension (TUT) can be defined as the total time at which… Read more »

Paleo Bars

Paleo Bars feat

Finding healthy snack options can be somewhat of a challenge at times. With the temptation and ease of the overwhelmingly available unhealthy options it can become very tempting to stray away off the path of a nutrient dense meal plan. These Paleo Bars courtesy of are so ridiculously easy, that you can whip them up in… Read more »

Fat Loss Meal Prep Made Easy

Fitness Meal Prep Made Easy

Fitness meal prep can be the difference between accomplishing health and fitness goals and failing miserably. With the abundance and ease of ready to go junk foods available; it’s easy to fall victim to those devilish, taste bud tantalisers that can bring all your hard work and efforts unstuck. What is Fitness Meal Prep? ‘Meal… Read more »

5 Reasons Why You Need To Front Squat

Why You Should Front Squat - Angela Front Squat

Front squats. Although, difficult to perform, the lower body benefits are well worth the effort. In this article we explore the main 5 benefits of front squats and why you should make the a part of your training program. Often tossed out of gym programs due to it’s level of difficulty and the restriction of… Read more »

What Is Foam Rolling & How To Do It

Foam Rolling Foam rolling is a self myofascial release (SMR) technique used by athletes and physical therapists around the world to aid in the recovery and maintenance of muscle. Self myofascial release is really just a fancy, scientific term for self massage. Traditionally performed with a foam roller, SMR can also be performed with simple everyday… Read more »

The Weight Loss Lie

The weight loss lie - Fat vs Muscle - help scales

For many years we have been sold a lie. Through infomercials and weight loss gimmicks we have been told that we should focus on losing weight for better health and physique. What if you were told that weight has absolutely nothing to do with health and physique? What if you were told the heavier you are… Read more »