The 3 Keys to Fitness Motivation

Fitness motivation

Keeping intrinsically motivated is the deciding factor between fitness success or fitness failure. Nothing is more motivating than seeing your health and fitness efforts pay off, but how do you keep yourself motivated and on track to actually reach that point? Here are three key tips to fitness motivation to keep you on track: Fitness Motivation Tip… Read more »

Eat Fat To Burn Fat

eat fat to burn fat

Are you eating enough good fats in your diet? Did you know that you need to eat fat to burn fat? The lack of good fats could be the reason behind your stagnant progression towards your results. Fat is the most misunderstood macronutrient (essential nutrients your body requires for growth and function) and is usually the… Read more »

The Bubble Butt Exercise Guide

Bubble Butt Exercise Guide to Bootiful Buns

Sculpting the ultimate booty is a common goal amongst many female gym goers, but how do you go about sculpting those bootiful buns? Before you go baking those buns of beauty you must first understand the ingredients needed for a recipe to success. In this article we break down the anatomy and best exercises to… Read more »

5 tips to detox after a long weekend

post long weekend detox

Long weekends are a time of celebration, calorie rich (but nutrient deficient) foods, and if you unleash the inner party animal, copious amounts of alcohol. With all this celebrating, the long weekend can leave you feeling a little worse for wear and all partied out. Here are 5 tips to detox after a long weekend… Read more »

5 Ways to Boost Metabolism and Burn Fat

5 Ways to Boost Metabolism

Boost metabolism and burn fat. Simple in theory but is it in reality? In this article we outline 5 easy-to-implement tips you can do start doing today.   When it comes to burning fat, your metabolism is your greatest weapon. Metabolism is referred to as, the chemical processes which occur in the human body to sustain… Read more »

Paleo Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

With Easter just around the corner, it can be quite difficult to find a treat for your Easter long weekend. Keep your eating plan on track with these sugar free paleo hot cross buns. For a sweetened version of this recipe, visit the link at the bottom. Put the protein shake down and enjoy these… Read more »